Cellulite Prevention Starts At An Early Age

The pits are probably caused by a combination of factors, During childhood, too many fat cells can arise, which is associated with a greater chance of cellulite. By learning a healthy lifestyle at a young age, it is possible to keep the accumulation of fat cells within bounds.

Teenagers regularly eat large amounts during puberty. Unfortunately, many children have a tendency to mainly eat sweet, high-calorie foods and thus increase their caloric intake to a too high level. The disruption of their nutritional balance encourages the development of overweight and thus the development of cellulite. It is therefore more sensible to follow a healthy diet with a view to smooth skin. Sweets, chips, chocolates and other unhealthy foods are not forbidden, but you must of course be careful not to consume them too much.

Smoking and drinking

In addition to an unhealthy eating style, smoking and drinking alcohol are a permanent part of their lives for many adolescents. These habits also have a negative influence on the development of cellulite. Smoking is not good for circulation, which makes cellulite even more popular. Alcohol contains a lot of calories and that translates into a larger number of fat cells. Quitting smoking and drinking may not be feasible for many, but reducing it would certainly have an effect. Those who still sport, burn calories and also promote circulation at the same time.


Unfortunately, puberty is also a cellulite-sensitive period for a reason that does not have to do with our lifestyle. During puberty large hormonal changes take place in the body and they do not go unnoticed for the fat cells. The cells are very sensitive to these fluctuations, resulting in cellulite. Teenagers can not do anything about this, but if you use the pill you can choose a light type or a different form of contraception.

Sounds worse than it is

Anyone who does not have the radiant, even skin she hoped for does not need to worry about that. Although cellulite sounds like a disease, it is by no means. The majority of the female population has or will have to deal with it and most importantly, health and happiness will never depend on it.

Eye Makeup Ideas For Day And Night

If your eyes are your best feature, then it is worth your time to learn some eye makeup ideas to emphasize them, day and night, says Janette Vince, owner of http://www.designerpermanentmakeup.co.uk.

The most important reason to wear makeup is so you can look your best and emphasize your facial features. All makeup products contribute to this effect, but can be a little more confusing when it comes to figuring out how to best apply eye makeup. There are so many products on the market, and so many different ways to use them. By learning a few eye makeup ideas, you'll know exactly which products to buy, depending on whether you are creating a daytime look or getting ready to go out at night.

Choosing the Right Eye Makeup

Before you can choose the right eye makeup, you must decide on the look you want to achieve. This is something women often do not think about when they purchase makeup. Do you want a natural look, a sexier appearance, something appropriate for work or school, or another occasion? Knowing the setting in which you plan to wear the makeup is usually a good indication of the look you want to create.

A second point to consider is your natural appearance. The shape of your face, the size and shape of your eyes, and even your hairstyle all figure in to what the right eye makeup means for you. You do not look exactly like your sister or your best friend, so it is not a good idea to assume the eye makeup they use is the same kind you should use. Taking your individual appearance into consideration will direct you to the right makeup products.

Eye Makeup Ideas for Daytime

For everyday wear, less is often more. Your eyes can be bright and shining, while appearing very natural. One eye makeup idea for daytime is to use earthy shades of eye shadow. Brown, beige, and tan will make any eye color naturally lovely. The shade you choose should only be a couple of shades different from your skin tone, if you want the most natural look.

Another tip for daytime eye make up is to skip eye liner. If you circle your eyes with a light line of eye shadow instead, the effect is softer and your eyes will look more natural. You can use a shade slightly darker than the eye shadow you are using on your lids. This technique is the perfect touch when you want to show off your eyes, rather than your makeup application skills.

Evening Eye Looks

Smokey, metallic, and glittering are all great for evening makeup. You can also use colors not as appropriate for daytime wear, such as purple, bright blue, and hot pink. If you do not want to look overly made up, one tip is to use pencil eye liner instead of liquid. Try smudging your shadow and winging it out slightly at the edges for a dramatic, smokey look.

When you consider your own unique appearance and the image you want to create, eye makeup can work magic.