Cellulite Prevention Starts At An Early Age

Cellulite is the terror of every woman. A few pits in the buttocks and thighs can make her self-confidence – especially in the summer – a serious dent. Fortunately, the development can partly be prevented at an early age.

Cellulite occurs in very many women and is a completely harmless and normal phenomenon. It is also called orange peel. Many people think that an orange peel is the same as cellulite, but they are two different skin problems. Cellulite is namely an inflammation, while cellulite is an innocent skin problem. Read more about the differences in the ” Cellulite and cellulite ” file .

The dreaded dimples mainly occur on the buttocks and thighs, because the fat cells (adipocytes) lie flat under the skin in these areas. Here is the main difference with obesity , where the fat is much deeper in the body and usually accumulates around organs such as the heart and liver. So you can have cellulite and are very slim, but also overweight without having cellulite.

Eating and moving

Yet cellulite and overweight are not completely separate from each other. The pits are probably caused by a combination of factors, including wrong eating habits and a lack of physical activity. During childhood, too many fat cells can arise, which is associated with a greater chance of cellulite. By learning a healthy lifestyle at a young age, it is possible to keep the accumulation of fat cells within bounds.

Teenagers regularly eat large amounts during puberty. Unfortunately, many children have a tendency to mainly eat sweet, high-calorie foods and thus increase their caloric intake to a too high level. The disruption of their nutritional balance encourages the development of overweight and thus the development of cellulite. It is therefore more sensible to follow a healthy diet with a view to smooth skin. Sweets, chips, chocolates and other unhealthy foods are not forbidden, but you must of course be careful not to consume them too much.

Smoking and drinking

In addition to an unhealthy eating style, smoking and drinking alcohol are a permanent part of their lives for many adolescents. These habits also have a negative influence on the development of cellulite. Smoking is not good for circulation, which makes cellulite even more popular. Alcohol contains a lot of calories and that translates into a larger number of fat cells. Quitting smoking and drinking may not be feasible for many, but reducing it would certainly have an effect. Those who still sport, burn calories and also promote circulation at the same time.


Unfortunately, puberty is also a cellulite-sensitive period for a reason that does not have to do with our lifestyle. During puberty large hormonal changes take place in the body and they do not go unnoticed for the fat cells. The cells are very sensitive to these fluctuations, resulting in cellulite. Teenagers can not do anything about this, but if you use the pill you can choose a light type or a different form of contraception.

Sounds worse than it is

Anyone who does not have the radiant, even skin she hoped for does not need to worry about that. Although cellulite sounds like a disease, it is by no means. The majority of the female population has or will have to deal with it and most importantly, health and happiness will never depend on it.

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