Does A Waist Trainer Work? Here’s What You Should Know

Theres much hype around waist trainers. If youve not seen your favourite celeb promoting one then youve seen your social media friends wearing one. They give you a slimmer waist and you lock cure. In this context, cute means that you get more Facebook likes and Instagram Double taps. Waist trainers arent just for great Instagram poses. If youre unsure on whether you need one, here are the 5 (other) advantages they give you. Youll be the judge.

1. Gives great, slimming quick fixes
Wear one that fits properly and you will get instant results. Dont get me wrong, Im not selling snake oil here. You get instant results in that every time you put on this garment, your waist will be transformed into an hourglass curve. And thats not the best part yet. It also hides muffin tops. Here, we like to call them love handles. Make measurements and you will notice that youll be up to 4 inches slimmer. Hows this possible? It holds the love handles in place while stopping your belly from popping out.

2. Great for social occasions

Because of their instant results, theyre great for social occasions. Ive seen more brides wearing them than I can count. They do a great job of making you fit into tight flowing dresses and pants effortless. Dont we all agree that all body types will benefit from a slimmer waist? Disclaimer: you wont only benefit from wearing the right sized waist trainer.

3. Improved workout sessions
A good waist trainer is not a replacement for a strong core. Rather, they work hand in hand. Nonetheless, they are a great addition to your gym locker. For the best results, put on a waist trainer when performing rigorous physical exercise. They will restrict your waists movement providing compression during body movements. You will work twice as hard in return have to sweat harder.

4. Enhances thermal activity
A waist trainer will boost your bodys internal heat producing mechanism quite literally. You can also combine a waist trainer with butt lifting panties to give your butt the look you want under your dresses. where to buy high waisted butt lifting panties shaper Hows this beneficial? High heat means that you will perspire more around your waist. So, you’re getting more benefits than youre actually working out for. Easy Win-win, isnt it? Some women are competitive in nature, they prefer showing off their waist trainers while working out. There are even great looking, colorful waist trainers ideally designed for showing off. When putting on one, fitness models generally get more likes than without one. I mean, women buy expensive handbags purely for show off. Why shouldnt we do the same with a waist trainer?

5. Could be used to achieve long-term fitness goals
They complement aerobics, running and circuit training. Due to their thermal stimulating capabilities, waist trainers post great results. To get the most out of it, you should wear one 8 to 12 hours every day. However, I must say that they have varying effects depending on your lifestyle habit. You cant expect to eat three tacos everyday while chugging down a liter of coke and get great results. A slimmer waist demands that you must burn more calories than you eat. Tip: A waist trainer is uncomfortable at first (just like glasses) but on the third week, you will wonder how you were living without one.

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